Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dynamic route leakage between Global and VRF routing table on Cisco IOS


To leak route between BGP IPv4 global routing table and any VRF table use this :


NOTE : this is only valid for BGP routes in routing table, not for other IGP routes!


#access-l 1 perm any

#route-map RM_ACL_ANY

Match ip addr 1


#ip vrf XYZ

import ipv4 unicast <max no. of routes> map RM_ACL_ANY


To stop leakage of static routes –

#no ip route static inter-vrf

à this will stop leakage between VRF/Global and VRF/VRF!

By default this leakage is allowed.


01:00:06: %IPRT-3-STATICROUTESACROSSVRF: Un-installing static route x.x.x.x/32 from global routing table with outgoing interface intx/x

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